Freewrite with EarlyWords!

Freewriting is a writing exercise in which an individual writes without stopping or censoring their thoughts. This exercise can help improve creativity and clarity of thought by allowing the writer to let go of their inhibitions and let the words flow freely onto the page.

There are a few key ways to approach freewriting in order to reach personal clarity:

Set a Limit: One way to structure a freewriting session is to set a specific time limit, such as 10 or 15 minutes. This can help prevent the writer from getting stuck or losing focus. On EarlyWords your limit is 750 words.

Write anything: A way to approach freewriting is to start with a prompt, such as a word or question. This can help give writers something to focus on and get the words flowing. On EarlyWords we encourage you to write anything that comes to mind. Just keep the curser moving!

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling: The point of freewriting is to let the words flow freely and not to worry about editing or censoring. Let the thoughts come out without worrying about grammar or spelling.

Reflect on your words: After the freewriting session, take some time to read over what you have written. This can help identify any patterns or themes that emerged and provide insight into your thought process. The EarlyWords site encrypts your writing for privacy but you can view it with the click of a button.

Overall, freewriting can be a valuable tool for reaching personal clarity. By letting go of inhibitions and allowing the words to flow freely, it is possible to tap into your inner thoughts and gain insight into your own mind.